All the GeoSoft programs are based on applying engineering methods, which have practically established a good reputation, adequately reflecting the mechanism of destruction and deformation of a soil mass, although in some cases it is possible to receive more accurate solutions with the help of finite-element models.

The programs allow to make calculations for almost all types of retaining walls – diaphragm wall, ones from bored piles, pipes, double-T-iron, metal sheet piles.

Moreover, for the first time in our country there has appeared a possibility of calculations of protective elements, constructed by using jet-grouting technology. For example, the program allows to calculate retaining walls consisting of separately located, tangent or mutually crossing jet-grouting piles, reinforced by metal pipes. All calculated dependences, built into the programs, are based on the results of experiments and tests, carried out by our employees in many real job-sites.

The distinctive feature of programs is a possibility of complex solution of tasks on retaining wall strength and stability that allows to estimate promptly the overall stability of underground structures – slopes, inclinations, pit walls as well as to calculate anchor bearing capacity according to different methods. The program interface is simple and easy to use.

The compatibility of programs allows to use the same source data for all programs – a geological structure of a soil mass and physical-mechanical soil characteristics. This is especially important when solving complex tasks on retaining wall strength and stability.

Individual training courses are possible for all volunteers.

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